There are many questions that could be asked on how to be successful in life, which we associate with being a big secret, lock away. So, what is the key to success in life that opens the door.

The Answer

You didn’t expect to get the answer so early in the article, did you? Well here it is …” TRAINING”.

Another Question

Why do I say “Training”? Have you heard of this before? Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

When I was at school and thinking about the future, we were active and fit. At night, I would run with a friend, discussing our plans and when we were troubled, we tended to run further than normal, somehow it made all things feel OK.

Then later in life I started paddling. On a Thursday evening we would paddle for about an hour then afterwards we would have refreshments while discussing everyone’s failures and successes, giving advice to the friend who needed it the most.

Somehow life got busy, a person left the group then another and before we knew it, we had stopped doing the training.

Looking back at life, I have noticed that it was from the time that it all stop, was the time that it all started going south.

QuestionThe Question is “Why”

When exercising the body releases chemicals called endorphins which also trigger a positive feeling in the body, similar to that of morphine.

So, if you are feeling happy, you have a good attitude thus able to face any challenge you have going on around you.

What is Attitude?

Listening to Dr Joe Dispenza, he states that the mind thinks thoughts and the body feels emotions so if you are exercising releasing endorphins which triggers a positive feeling in your body, we can assume you are on top of the world.

This continues cycle of thinking a thought, having a feeling, thinking a thought, having a feeling, thinking a thought and having a feeling, creates what we call an attitude.

Thoughts are the language of the brain, feeling are the language of the body, how you think and how you feel creates a state of being, which determines how you see your life or the challenges you are faced with.

This is the Shortcut

Understanding what you have just read, you will realize that this is a shortcut to having a good attitude and being able to face any situation.Happy-In-The-Forest

Let’s just put the exercise aside for a while. You are down in the dumps and you need to pull yourself out.

How do you do this?

  • Pure brain power, thinking positively
  • Socialize with a friend
  • Eating
  • Binge Watching a TV series

Back to the Exercise Solution,

  • Your sport of choice
  • Go for a walk, run or cycle
  • Being in nature, sit in the forest or even just outside, admiring nature.
  • Throw a ball to your children, to a friend or for your dog.
  • Working in the garden, not just mowing the law. Be creative.

It’s it all about getting those chemicals, released.

Three-StepsThree Steps

Plan it, write it down and set time aside.

Life is so busy and if we don’t spend some time figuring out what we want to achieve, in other words setting a goal. We get the default plans that were set out for us. Write it down, as there is power in the written word and then actually setting time aside and doing the action.

If you don’t follow the three steps, you will not achieve what you aim to achieve, you will get to a stage in your life, where you will look back and wonder how it all happened, you will reflect and discover what most people discover to late, the key to success in life.

Getting Started

First of all, this is about making a change to your life which must be done slowly else your body and your mind will resist.

When starting any new exercise there is no use rushing, especially if you have no need to win the Olympics.

Picture a relay team, practicing handing the baton over for the changeover stage. They first have to walk slowly, understanding the movements of the runner coming in or leaving the changeover area, gradually increasing the speed of the change over until the team has maximized their ability. Same happens in our bodies in which our cells have to carry the oxygen to the muscle for which we have a demand for and if we don’t start slowly, they will drop the baton.

Having read the book ‘The Lore of Running” by Tim Noakes who speaks about the amount of training hours in a year, that no athlete may increase these hours by more than 10% per year without facing the risk of injury, this is the reason why it takes some time for an athlete to become professional as well as for us. We do not want to run the risk of injury as the primary focus is to generate those endorphins to help us along our life’s path.

Choosing an Exercise

For the sake of an example, lets choose the simplest form of exercise, walking.

Remembering the principle of getting started is slowly and setting time aside. Let’s say we set aside time in the morning as we would like not to ponder the whole day on this exercise, trying to find excuses not to do it. Get it Done or use Nike’s words, Just Do It!

Our first Goal would be to get up to 40 min of walking as they say this is important mild stone for exercise.

Remembering our long-term goal, changing our life’s pattern. First, we would need to create a habit of getting up, putting on our outfit and leaving the house, so let’s aim for 3 times a week at 10 minutes slowly, doing this for a month. Second month increase it to 15 min, 3 times a week and then the third month increase it to 20 min, 3 times a week and now you have created a habit overcoming your first hurdle.

Taking it Further

The success to any business in planning the future is information on the business’s performance up to the point they are standing at and this can only be achieved if they written down information data which they are able to analysis to make informed decisions on the way forward.

There is no difference in the way we are able to make informed decisions on the way forward whether it be our business or our simple walking program.

Training LogLog-Book

I conclusion to the question on what is the key to success in life, it is having a training log where we are able to track our performance on the exercise we chosen and setting out paths that we would like to follow to achieve our goals.

Remember in the training, always record how you are feeling the day and time you are training as with time you will start to realize the value of the simple training log.

Try some of these Training Log Books or Make your Own by getting Ideas from them.

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