Welcome to barry’s training log, where we believe training is the way of life.

Why I Started the Training Log

I have loved training all my life, studying it, speaking about it, doing it and writing about. What better platform to do it under than a website.

My sport that I took part in was running, tennis, canoeing and long distance paddling on the ocean but I have reach an age now where I’m not dreaming about winning a race, keeping fit and being able to participate in a race or an event is all that counts.

Life moves so fast that we need to keep a training log, else when we look again, we have missed a few training session and then all of a sudden we cannot remember when last, we were out.

I like to use the word training rather than exercising because training implies that we are working towards something and we all know, us humans need a goal to work towards, it keeps us feeling alive.

A training log is essentially a record of completed workouts where you would record the exercise, time and how you felt. Over time this information is known as data which can be analysed and used to improve your efforts for the best results for what ever stage you are in life.

Why I would like to help you

Have a look at all training guru’s, they all promise you the best body if you do this. So you start with a bang, a new years’ resolution and before long you are training flat out. Then you burn out because you don’t get that perfect body and before long you are back in your old routine.

I have preached a slow a steady method to my family for years’ but they never caught on. We are all not guru’s on training, so we tend to do what the trend is doing and hope for the best. I would like to share with you on how to go about training, that you will want to do it and not see it as a task.

There are so many thoughts and idea’s on training out there that anybody trying to discovery on how to go about it, gets overwelled, therefore because of my love for training I would like to offer my help.


My Goal for you

To Inspire YOU, to train in order to live an amazing life.

If you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Happy Training,